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Am I a Sexi Lady?

About Yourself:
[*]Name: (first + middle) Ashley Kristin
[*]Nickname(s): Ashley~Boo
[*]Age: 14
[*]Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
[*]Sex: Female
[*]Location: Chesterfield, MI
[*]Grade: 9th
[*]Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, Listening to music

Favorites (only 1 for each)
[*]Color: Red
[*]Movie: Butterfly Effect
[*]Song: NoFX- My Vagina
[*]Band/artist/why: Green Day. I think Billie Joe is the hottest guy around and there isn't one Green Day song I can think of that I don't like.
[*]Food: Lasanga :)
[*]Store: Wet Seal
[*]Places to go in your town/why: Eh I don't really go anywhere execpt my friend's house's or the mall or movies.

What are your opinions on
[*]Gay marriages?:I am for gay marriages. I mean if you truly love someone. Why not marry them? Who cares if they are the same sex. Love is love.

[*]Abortion?:I don't like abortion. I would say if you can't take care of a baby then just don't have sex but I mean, Who are we trying to bullshit here? People are gunna have sex no matter what you say but if your pregnant and you can't handle a baby then just give it up for adoption. I think Everyone deserves to live. Unless there are other circumstances like rape..then I don't know..It's people's lives. But I would never have an abortion.

[*]The war going on?: I don't know much about it..I can't change it though cause I can't vote for presidents or anything so I try not to worry about it too much.
[*]Ashlee Simpson: Ehh, she's allright I guess. I don't really listen to her music but I've watched her show a couple times.
[*]Jessica Simpson: She's really pretty I think but a little uh..Dumb. She kinda gives blondes a bad name. But hey she can sing like no other.
[*]Britney Spears: Eh.. I use to like her but I don't know she doesn't bother me that much.
[*]Avril Lavigne: I really, really, really, don't like her.. The way she looks and sings are like totally different. I don't know..She just looks all hardcore and then she sings and eh.
[*]Reality TV: Ha, I watch it. I'm a sucker for reality TV.
[*]Johnny Depp: Wooo he's soo hott. Especially in Pirates Of the Carribean. He's old but man is he hott.
[*]Orlando Bloom: Eh..I don't think he's that attractive.

Community ?'s
[*]How did you find out about this community?: Phillip left a comment in my journal.
[*]Why do you want to join this community?: Cause it looks like fun and most of the people in this community are from Anchor Bay so that's pretty cool and I wanna make new friends :D
[*]Will you be active and promote/vote?: Of course!


Not the best or most recent pictures, sorry. :-/ I don't have a web cam or digital camera. These were at my friend Erica's.

On the right.

Messy hair ..ha


 BIG Eyesssssssss!

 Haha..uhh..Me and my friend Adison at Cedar Point with a dude with a mullet..I have a thing with mullets, I think there crazy. And we saw this guy there with a mullet so we asked him to take a picture with us, haha.


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