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You must answer all of these!

About Yourself:
[*]Name: (first + middle) Ashlee Marie
[*]Nickname(s): Mighty Mouse-Ashamalee
[*]Age: 16
[*]Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
[*]Sex: female
[*]Location: wisconsin
[*]Hobbies: Drawing, Writeing, Html stuff, Friends, Concerts, Music.

Favorites (only 1 for each)
[*]Color: Pink
[*]Movie: Don't tell mom the babysitters dead
[*]Song: Last days of april-Will the violins be playing
[*]Band/artist/why: Metallica-Why? because they've been here for so long, and there still kicking fucking ass.
[*]Food: potatoes
[*]Store: PacSun
[*]Places to go in your town/why: The Union-It's awesome, good music, great people.

What are your opinions on
[*]Gay marriages?:Go for it, people have the right todo what they want in America. We didn't seperate from Britian to make our country fault at this kind of bull. Gay people and Straight people are the same as everyone and should have same rights, shouldnt even be an issue.
[*]Abortion?: It really depends on why you wanna do it, I can see if a girl was raped, which is horrible. They can, but its your our damn fault for not using a condom, than I'm Pro-Choice
[*]The war going on?: I have a friend, over there. I don't support, the fact of them killing people (innocent people) other than that, help the people.
[*]Ashlee Simpson: I'm not big on pop music, and she's kind of didn't get the greatest of looks they all went to her sister, and im kind of sick of little sister things. So I don't really like it.
[*]Jessica Simpson:Bimbo.
[*]Britney Spears:She's sexy, her music is getting better I mean I like her music to just chill and listen to, its better than her older albums.
[*]Avril Lavigne: I kind of dislike, her for that fact that she said that, shes the "new" Sid Vicious, other than that i like her music. She's kind of pretty. Good voice tho.
[*]Reality TV: Over-rated BULLSHIT!!!
[*]Johnny Depp: 'drools' one hott man. oh shit.
[*]Orlando Bloom: He has eyes, ican just gaze into forever. He's hott.

Community ?'s
[*]How did you find out about this community?: That, one person (sorry i dont member your name) said something in my journal.
[*]Why do you want to join this community?:looks, fun.
[*]Will you be active and promote/vote?: of course, I do all the time.]


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