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am i a sexi lady?

You must answer all of these!

About Yourself:

[*]Name: (first + middle) Amanda Lee
[*]Nickname(s): Minduh, Manda, Mandy
[*]Age: 16
[*]Zodiac Sign: Virgo
[*]Sex: Undecided.. haha, jk.. female
[*]Location: Michigan
[*]Grade: 12
[*]Hobbies: Working, scrapbooking, talking on the phone, swimming, hanging out with friends.. all the good stuff

Favorites (only 1 for each)
[*]Color: blue
[*]Movie: the butterfly effect
[*]Song: from the inside - linkin park
[*]Band/artist/why: marilyn manson, because he isnt like anyone else and he dares to be different
[*]Food: anything mexican
[*]Store: staples, lol
[*]Places to go in your town/why: kfc, cuz all my friends work up there

What are your opinions on
[*]Gay marriages?: if you love someone enough, why not?
[*]Abortion?: if you dont want the child, you could always give the child up for adoption for other couples who can't concieve children. why deprive someone of a life, just because you dont want it?
[*]The war going on?: it's childish, the soldiers should just come back
[*]Ashlee Simpson: very talented, she seems very strong willed
[*]Jessica Simpson: typical blonde, but very beautiful
[*]Britney Spears: a joke, she seems to do things just for the attention
[*]Avril Lavigne: very interesting...
[*]Reality TV: some of it is funny and interesting, like trading spouses.. but some of it is wierd.. like amish in the city. where do they come up with the ideas for this stuff?
[*]Johnny Depp: very sexy, he seems like even though he gets older, his good looks never seize
[*]Orlando Bloom: hott as hell.. he was the only reason i wanted to watch lord of the rings

Community ?'s
[*]How did you find out about this community?: felicha felichaluvzyou
[*]Why do you want to join this community?: because i like meeting new people and i find communities fun when im bored
[*]Will you be active and promote/vote?: yes, i have my own community myself x_purebeauty_x

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