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la laaldjalsdk

sorry if this posts twice .. my other one wuz all bold and i figure this shall be easier to read!! <33
You must answer all of these!

About Yourself:
[*]Name: (first + middle)
Ashley Renay
[*]Nickname(s):Teeny Bopper, Dee
[*]Zodiac Sign:Aquariouse (sp ah ha=P)
[*]Grade:9th babay
[*]Hobbies: Volleyball, and sadly but truley thee internet!!

Favorites (only 1 for each)
[*]Movie:umm . .hmm. .  right now its 50 first dates, but i bet u after i c w/ out a paddle it'll be that!
[*]Song:oh man oh man just one?! u crazy ppl . .but i guess. . Always.::*::. blink 182
[*]Band/artist/why:Blink 182 .. CUZ TOM DELONGE IS THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE!! AHH! and i totally realte to like all of there music .. . =)
[*]Food:hmm omgawd. . just one. . agian. . umm hmm mac and cheese!!
[*]Store:umm i dont really have one. . but i surpse wet seal =)
[*]Places to go in your town/why: Wow this place is really boring. . but i guess the pharamacy . .LMAO!

What are your opinions on
[*]Gay marriages?:
I think it is d.i.g.u.s.t.i.n.g but i wont be the kinda person to look down upon ppl who do it. . .its there life not mine! so w.e i think dosnt really matter .. =)
[*]Abortion?: MURDER! wut if ur killing the baby that will grow up and fined the cure fer cancer?! I think its horrible to take life away f/ a child that hasnt done anything wrong to lose it!
[*]The war going on?:I dont really think about it much, but i guess it sucks. .
[*]Ashlee Simpson:i <33 her music but i highly doubt she would even be singing if it wernt fer jeesic in the first place
[*]Jessica Simpson:Cant ask fer one w/ out the other eh? lol. . shes very talented and beautifull! *jealouse* lol =P
[*]Britney Spears: Idc wut ppl say she sings good sings .. its just they way she choses to umm dress? u could say. . it suggests a slutty image but w.e floats her boat!
[*]Avril Lavigne:Idc wut ppl say. I dont think she is a poser. . that it totally lableing her. . She sings excellent music. She only called a poser by ppl to jealouse of her to accept that shes beautiful and has an awesome voice to match it! =P =D
[*]Reality TV:<33 my 3rd er 4th love. . lol i have to admit its been getting pretty reatrted . .like the things/. storylines they've come up w. but hey wu the heck . .theres never anything else on tv! i love it and watch it all the time!
[*]Johnny Depp:I dont really think hes that hott .. but w.e he not ugly and is a good actor! now orlando bloom. .
[*]Orlando Bloom:HOTTIE! omfgawd hottie! man o man yeah =D wayyy good actor 2!

Community ?'s
[*]How did you find out about this community?:
umm, amanda and phill! and julie who posted in so__damn__sexy
[*]Why do you want to join this community?:idk just fer the hay of it!
[*]Will you be active and promote/vote?:well of course u silly goose!

meeeemee aggaiinn , lolllllllllme  & my great friend jami((left is me))
im the loser winking trying to loosin thens up lmaome and my other really great friends stacey!!! im on thee right this time! =P
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