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am i a sexi lady??


About Yourself:
[*]Name: (first + middle)- Sarah Elizabeth
[*]Nickname(s): Bearah, Sarah-ha, Sarie
[*]Age: 17
[*]Zodiac Sign: Gemini
[*]Sex: yes please? lmao! female
[*]Location: chesterfield
[*]Grade: 12th
[*]Hobbies: chillin w/ friends, guitar, cars, music

Favorites (only 1 for each)
[*]Color: green
[*]Movie: 10 things i hate about you
[*]Song: a lot
[*]Band/artist/why: Michelle Branch because
[*]Food: Little Cezars Pizza Woot Woot
[*]Store: the mall
[*]Places to go in your town/why: CJ Barrymores b/c its a lot of fun and something to do

What are your opinions on
[*]Gay marriages?: whatever floats ur boat
[*]Abortion?: if thats what they feel they need to do then yea
[*]The war going on?: sucks ass!

Community ?'s
[*]How did you find out about this community?: The mod- Julie
[*]Why do you want to join this community?: Because it would be cool to be active and vote on things. something to do
[*]Will you be active and promote/vote?: promise

~*~My pics*~*

im on the very right ^^^
on the right
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